Jan. 7th, 2006

have you ever thought
why would you want to skin a cat,
in one way or two ?

one of the things about my job that that makes me sad is that, in general, teachers seem to lean towards being both elitist and anti-intellectual. I mean, not that this should be a shock or anything, because it's so common it's become a cliche, and yet, it still takes me by suprise now and then Two summers ago I went to a party at a collegues house. He's a teacher who complains, like we all complain sometimes, about the dumb stuff that kids do, and in particular about the tendency to not really read things carefully. As he gave us a tour of his beautifully appointed house, I noticed that he didn't seem to have any bookshelves, or any visible books. It kind of shook me up. I mean he showed us the whole house, where could the books be hiding? How can someone who doesn't read teach children to love books, or even to read books?

So I thought of it again this week when I went to a training. I had to get a substitute which is always a pain, and so I got there kinda cranky. I've been to trainings with this trainer before, though, and he's really good, so I came prepared with the stuff he asked for and ready to learn what I could. I'd kind of forgotten the behavior of my collegues at the last training, until the first time the trainer asked us to discuss something with our group. The teachers from my school fell into the sort of perpetual teacher habit of whining about the kids, the administration, etc, and then teased me about being "too smart" when I tried to bring us back to the topic - which was, I thought, a reallly interesting one. They then proceeded to talk through most of the presentation (we were sitting as close to the presenter as it was possible to sit). They paid no attention whatsoever to the protocols we were asked to use when examining student work. In the process, they ripped into me for the quality of the student work I presented, while still teasing me about being too smart because I was the only one at my table who bothered to bring the student work we were asked to bring and then spent the rest of the student-work discussion time bitching about students - which was the primary thing that the presenter asked us not to spend too much time doing.

I'm tired and losing my train of thought, it was really just irritating.



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