Feb. 24th, 2006

just finished a book called Peeps by Scott Westerfield. It's a young adult novel with a *very* different take on vampires. Sure, you've probably read the vampirism as a disease stories, but not like this. Kind of a combination of a novel about vampirism as a sexually transmitted disease and a "Parasites for Dummies" book. but better than it sounds.

If you read the reviews on Amazon, some are full of spoilers, so you decide if you want to know. It's a fantastic story IMO, maybe not the best written book in the world (if you know me in real life, you've probably heard my rant about the difference between a good writer and a good storyteller) but I have to say, the parts that are clunky seem to fit with the voice of the biology geek narrator pretty well.

Another vampire book that I like a lot (also very different from the usual gothic in some ways) is Daylight by Elizabeth Knox (who has a even better book about an angel called The Vintner's Luck.

here's a site that I really hope is for real (though I think it must be fiction). http://www.hiddenpassageway.com/.

I'm nearing the end of the odd break we get in February. it was good to have some time, but it wasn't nearly enough time. I'm not sure there could be enough time right now. The Job (it seems like it needs to be capitalized") is driving me quietly nuts. I can't decide if it's me, teaching in general, or my school/district in particular, or just a bad synergy between all three. All I know is that just going into the school to sort stuff and make copies today left me feeling slightly ill and very depressed. so depressed I made my killer homemade brownies (just to completely blow the diet I had already been failing at recently) and read two young adult novels instead of grading papers.



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