Dec. 17th, 2006

we have power, and heat, and internet even.

yesterday Brian and I even ventured to the mall to get warm - the only positive effect this seems to have had was to so utterly terrify both of us that we welcomed the cold air, the darkness and the lack of people for a short while.

the part of town we live in was a strip mall ghosttown, at 7 pm the weekend before Christmas, the only store even attempting to operate in over 2 miles of Highway 99 was one little Mexican grocery. they didn't speak any English, and they were out of matches and lighters, but they had a generator running some lights, and they had day old baked goods, chile covered snack food and some little hostess-style cupcakes called piniguinos. I mean, that wasn'tall they had, but that was what I got to help sustain me.

to stay warm last night I had to wear a ski mask with two long sleeve shirts, a fleece and a wool sweater and a pile of blankets. I think the temp inside our house approached freezing.

When we drove back from Seattle, and left the freeway, I nearly cried when I saw that blockbuster video and burger king had lights because it meant we probably did too.

I'm so excited I almost wanna go out and dance around the cul-de-sac,but I'm too busy reveling in the heat coming out of the vents.



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